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The partners and staff of Sayer Jones and Gloria James-Civetta & Co (“GJC”) were delighted to announce the formation of their strategic international alliance in September 2017.

In order to deliver comprehensive and complete family law solutions in these times, Sayer Jones and GJC consider direct international connectivity, particularly throughout South East Asia and Australasia to be a critical component of delivery. The strategic alliance between GJC and Sayer Jones provides the perfect framework here.

The professional and cultural synergies Sayer Jones and GJC share are significant and were immediately identifiable when our firms initially formed a friendship in mid-2016. Since that time, we have already learnt so much from each other on how to improve our delivery of family law solutions at a local and international level, drawing on experiences of world’s best practice.

GJC and Sayer Jones have implemented a combined Professional Development Program for our lawyers. This has been successfully rolled out over the past 18 months. This has included a joint CPD program and a lawyer-exchange program, both of which have been a resounding success. The continued integration of these programs and their expansion is one of the strategic international alliance’s primary goals.

GJC and Sayer Jones’ strategic international alliance places the firms at the clear strategic advantage to provide immediate and comprehensive assistance to clients and associates with cross-border family law financial matters, parenting matters and parentage/surrogacy matters, particularly in South East Asia and throughout Australasia.